Everything changes, everything remains the same: revisiting “Swift and Total” 21 years later

Consider the following statements:

Blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse are changing the world. No aspect of life will be left untouched by decentralized cryptographic protocols. There are, of course, the obvious reasons. New, better, cooler technologies will be developed. Practically every application will be hooked up to the metaverse in…

Dear Shareholders and friends of Animoca Brands,

A little under 2 years ago Animoca Brands acquired a deeply talented team who shared our vision that the adoption of blockchain is going to trigger a new content revolution, one that may be as significant as the rise of the Internet —…

I remember explaining to bewildered friends and colleagues (overseas) in February on the scale of panic and disruption the Coronavirus outbreak caused in Hong Kong and now unfortunately the rest of the world is struggling with it as well. While there are plenty of common sense tips and suggestions/recommendations on…

Yat Siu

Entrepreneur and Founder of Outblaze, Animoca Brands, Dalton Learning Lab and others. Tech guy, Investor, geek and Father of 3 Fun Kids

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